Secret Fun(ny) Bio

Kathryn McCreary as Carlotta 01 main

Hello! My name is Kathryn McCreary. I’m currently the understudy for Carlotta in the National U.S. 25th Anniversary Tour of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Phantom of the Opera.

I grew up in Washington, D.C. Legit. We ain’t talkin bout no suburbs, yo. I studied voice at The College of Wooster where I received my Bachelor of Music in vocal performance. I made the walls shake. I continued my studies at The Ohio State University, earning my Masters in vocal performance.

I sang opera in Italy. I learned how to say spaghetti. It’s got TWO t’s. Dental clarity is paramount.

Then, I expanded my vocal palette in Kansas City singing musical theatre. I worked at a seedy cabaret joint and gave them a face full.

The sunny sun of California offered me some swell shows. You might have heard of one of them: Caroline; Or Change. I played an inanimate object. Not erryboddys able to have a character arc butitsfine.

My big break was with Avenue Q!!!11! I went to Japan with them and learned how to say “Can I try this on?” about 14 different ways. You never know on what appendage the hat will look best. I was the Gary understudy, but really what I liked was playing with the puppets.

I did some other stuff and it was the bizznizz. You don’t even know.

Now, I’m almost retired and living on a farm with my horses. Bye!

See my C.V. for more information.